Competition-Specific Rules

In addition to the general competition rules, each competition may have specific rules or conditions attached to it. These additional rules are detailed below.

Hilda and Tony Robinson Memorial Cup and Plate - 17 May print league

This is an open competition with 2 prizes awarded on the evening. The Hilda Robinson Memorial Plate will be awarded to the Best Landscape of the evening, while the Tony Robinson Cup will be handed over to the Best Seascape. The best landscape will shortlisted by the judge, but voted for by the membership. It is also acceptable that a seascape or landscape can win the competition.

As there are 3 entries permitted at the moment, I would suggest that we all enter one image to cover each category.

Lines - 21 Jun digital league

The theme of this competition is lines. It is open subject, provided that the lines are the main focus of the image. The judge will decide the winner based on the best interpretation of the theme.

Wood & Metal - 19 Jul print league

Any image entered in this competition must contain wood, metal or a combination of both as the main focus of the image. The best interpretation on the theme will be decided by the judge, and therefore the winner.

Long Exposure - 1 Aug digital league

Any image entered into this competition must have an exposure time of over ½ second. The subject is open, images may be moving or static. The most creative image will be the winner and decided by the judge.

Animal-Free - 20 Sep print league

Images in this competition may not contain any animals. Seascape, landscape, vehicles, plants and portraits of people are accepted. The judge will decide the winner.

League Finals - 18 Oct digital league

This is our last league competition of the year. It is open subject. The judge will decide the winner.

Endeavours & Print Of The Year - 15 Nov print

This is also a 2-part competition. Part 1 is Endeavours. This is open subject to members that have not won a competition this year. The judge decides the winner. Part 2 is Image of the year. The top 3 placed images from each league competition will be entered into this area. Winner will be decided by the members, from those shortlisted by the judge.

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